Friday, February 27, 2009

Books before Movies

I've always been the one who had to read the book before the movie. Now I notice more and more that big book stores are pushing the books before the films. Witness all the adds in tandem with the release of Watchmen (which I'm reading right now).

My question is why don't people look at the score before they go to a concert. Oh, I know that the answer will be that the "layman" can't understand a score of music. I propose with all this interactive internet niftiness proliferating that someone (maybe me) create a little program where people can look at the contours of a piece of music in time that would indicate things like pitch and rhythmic dissonance/assonance on a time line so that the layperson can get a feel for why a score looks the way that it does with the music right there to refer to. No classes necessary, the site could have a score following tool that shows the rhythmic, pitch, and maybe even timbre lines below the actual score so that plain old folks can start to see what they're getting into and start to recognize the profile of a piece that they may enjoy.

Let's demistify the creative process and let some of those people who we all know can handle but have been lead to feel stupid because reading "music is so hard and specialized". If reading music is so hard then how come people of all ages master it daily? People feel empowered in situations where there is a familiar element. This is why recognizable characters comfort us when doing something recognizable and surprise when they step out of line. It's all sonata allegro baby........except when it's not.

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