Friday, February 6, 2009

Sharing Knowledge

As a follow-up to the “More You Know” blog of last week I’ve decided to take my own advice and put up links to more information on concerts on the Merkin Concert Hall website. The first concert up is the iO Quartet’s brilliant programming suggested by Helmut Lachenmann to go around his string quartet Grido. Simply go to and click on more info in the box where you see iO Quartet's concert.

As a performing presenter I often find myself assuming that the audience will be as excited about a performance because of all the amazing details in the works; performer’s particular affinity for a composer or work; culture or period in which a work was written; politics of the time a work was written; etc.; now they will be able to gain some of that knowledge from the presenter before the concert. I firmly believe that this approach will enhance people’s enjoyment of the program and I hope that it may even sway some folks looking for something to do to take a shot at some serious music.

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